Practicing Civil Litigation Attorneys in Mexico, MO

Experienced Legal Representation in the heart of Missouri

Whether you have already been served with a lawsuit or are trying to resolve a dispute before it becomes a lawsuit, our attorneys at Brett, Erdel, Owings and Tanzey, P.C. are here to assist you.  Representation by an experienced and prepared attorney can make all the difference in successfully resolving your dispute.  We have provided cost-effective assistance to our clients in resolving thousands of disputes.  Whether your dispute involves landlord-tenant law, business transactions, construction contracts or real estate disputes, our team is ready to advocate for your rights.

The outcome of civil litigation can have a huge impact on your business, family and overall happiness.  An experienced and well-prepared attorney will give you the best chance of obtaining a favorable outcome to your legal issue.

The attorneys on staff who can assist you in the area of Civil Litigation include:  


Bradford A. Brett
Civil Litigation

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Randal J. Owings
Civil Litigation

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Jason Newton
Civil Litigation

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At Brett and Erdel we can handle nearly all types of Civil Litigation including;

    • Breach of Contract

    • Suit On Accounts

    • Business Disputes

    • Construction Suits

    • Personal Injury

    • Medical Malpractice

    • Wrongful Death

    • Predatory Business Practices

    • Real Estate Disputes

    • Evictions