Practicing Bankruptcy & Debt Relief Attorneys in Mexico, MO

The law firm of Brett, Erdel, Owings and Tanzey, P.C. has decades of experience assisting clients in dealing with financial problems through bankruptcy and other forms of debt relief.

Experienced Legal Representation in the heart of Missouri

Bankruptcy is an option of last resort and our attorneys will provide you with guidance in determining all options available to you in dealing with your debt.  For some, bankruptcy may be unnecessary and we will exhaust all available remedies to get you relief from your debts before recommending the bankruptcy option.

If bankruptcy is the right option for you, we have the experience to lead you through the bankruptcy process in order to relieve the stress associated with crushing debt.  Schedule an appointment to meet with our bankruptcy attorneys today so that we can begin working towards your fresh start.

The attorneys on staff who can assist you in the area of debt relief law include:  


Jason Newton 

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At Brett and Erdel we can handle nearly all types of debt relief including;

  • Bankruptcy

  • Debt Settlement

  • Civil Suit Defense

  • Foreclosures